ErixClix was founded in 2007 by a self-made entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California. ¬†Originally from the East Coast, growing up in Florida and nearly 20 years in Arizona and the West Coast, Eric has lived and worked in many of America’s social and corporate cultures.

Finding a deep interest in technology at a young age, Eric built a career around technology focusing on business processes and social solutions.

In addition to technology Eric has experience in marketing, training, and business development. From the print industry and gaming to telecommunications and non-profit organizations, Eric has been finding solutions for a vast range of Enterprises, large and small since the early 90’s.

In mid 2007 ErixClix was born as not only an outlet for social and political commentary but also an accurate barometer in the industries of technology and business. Eric has predicted, with nearly 100% accuracy, all major technology trends’ successes and failures. Regular blog posts will be published in response to headlines in these industries as well as general news, social commentary and politics.

ErixClix invites anyone to sign up that may want to gain insight into technology advances, business practices or any other social and cultural phenom.  Members are also invited to post commentary that is relevant to the blog post content as we love intelligent discussion here at ErixClix!