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LG OLED firmware 05.30.25

Out of nowhere, I turned on my 65″ LG  OLED65E6P and had a message waiting for me. As I do not have automatic updates turned on, it let me know there was a software update for the TV waiting. It doesn’t say much else, not even a version. So, with full faith, I told it to update.

After about 10 minutes, the update was complete and now, after a quick restart, the version shows as 05.30.25 (the previous version 05.30.02).

After spending some time searching online, I could not find a single mention of this new version of the firmware or what it does, even on LG’s site. So, either someone hacked my TV and I just unwittngly installed a Russian version of Nielsen ratings firmware that happens to report directly to Vladimir’s US analytics dashboard…Or, more likely, I am one of the first to have done the update and talk about this online so soon.

LG OLD OLED65E6P Firmware Update 05.30.25Over the past 18 months there has been extensive talk about LG not allowing Dolby Vision, 4K at 60 fps (primarily for gamers). I would love to find out this is part of the update for my ultra high-end 2016 model 4K OLED TV.

Additionally, I just saw a YouTube video of someone testing multiple LG OLED displays for different burn-in patterns and this person has been communicating with LG, not that I would expect a firmware update that fast, he just reported results very recently.

Anyway, if there’s anybody within the sound of my blog that knows what this update contains I would love to know!

Time Warner & CBS Blackout : Again Consumers Hurt by Cable Company aka Middle Man

Time Warner Cable has recently blacked out the CBS network in some of its Cable TV markets. CBS, in turn, blocks streaming videos of blacked out TV shows for Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers. Time Warner continues to collect full, monthly fees from its subscribers while the channel lineup is now hobbled. While CBS continues to collect full advertising revenue. So who gets hurt? The consumer. Paying full price and getting less and less.

What’s happening? This doesn’t seem right.

In the day of high speed internet and digital home theater systems with Internet enabled TVs, set top boxes and game consoles, why can’t we get on demand, a la cart content? Because your local cable provider has the content providers (networks such as NBC, CBS, HBO, CNN, etc) wrapped up in non-compete deals, even if just implicit. Leaving the consumers with little choice but to buy “channel packages” from the Cable Providers. Hundreds of worthless channels simply because you want the local stations, History Channel and HBO (like me).

What can we do about it? DROP YOUR CABLE SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Recently, the CEO of HBO ‘publicly considered’ offering HBO as a standalone subscription service. YAY! This sounds great. I’d pay $10-$15 per month for this. Unfortunately, he decided not to. Maybe it doesn’t make good business sense to give more customers what they want.

Thankfully, more and more consumers are becoming “cord cutters” and getting rid of cable. Hopefully, we can get even more consumers to follow until all your cable company provides is a nice, fast, reliable Internet connection. On top of which you watch TV and make/recieve phone calls.

This technology has been available for years. The content distribution networks are in place. Now, it’s up to the consumers to stop paying the “middle man.”

By the way, CBS is not innocent in all of this. They’re equally greedy. By the way, why does Time Warner have to pay CBS when you can get an antenna and watch it for free? Because when there’s a middle man everyone wants to make money from their business model…that is now antiquated and getting in the way of progress.

Boxee for Mac, PC and Linux Discontinued

Boxee LogoA few days ago Boxee announced two things…1) There will be a new release of Boxee for PC, Mac and Linux coming, and 2) That will be the final release of the Mac, PC and Linux version.

The reasons stated indicate that Boxee believes the future of the Home Theater will become increasingly centered on the Set Top Box and less on Home Theater PCs. This is a non-sensical and simply untrue statement as hardware manufacturers, lawmakers, and most importantly consumers are all heading quite aggressively in the opposite direction of closed media solutions.

More and more Home Theater PCs are flying off the shelves and nearly all Video Card models and manufacturers include HDCP support (allowing you to connect your computer to a TV and play encrypted content…with proper sources). Continue reading Boxee for Mac, PC and Linux Discontinued

MacOS Boxee Crashes When iPhone Remote Connects

There are several new reports on the Boxee Forums that the new Mac OS version of Boxee crashes when the iPhone Boxee Remote App tries to connect to it.

Boxee is no-cost Home Theater PC (HTPC) software that is easy to use and quick to setup. It allows users that have their Mac, Windows or Linux PCs connected to an HDTV to easily navigate music, movies, tv shows and other media Continue reading MacOS Boxee Crashes When iPhone Remote Connects


So great to have discovered that our favorite media server and player VLC from VideoLan will be getting DLNA/UPnP media server capabilities.  On this blog entry made by Mirsal Ennaime, funded by Google’s Summer of Code 2008 program, he will be assisting VideoLan with the addition of these new server features.

Finally those of us with PlayStation 3’s can have a complete solution for our media libraries.

I know I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for this one!