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Python ipcam library for Foscam and other ip web cameras

Here is a very helpful, easy to use, python library for Foscam and other ip web cams. I have been using it with a Raspberry Pi.

IPCam Python Library

Here’s an example of how it works:

Instantiate a camera connection.

from ipcam import IPCam

cam = IPCam(host='',

Get a snapshot from the camera.

snapshot = cam.get_snapshot()

Save the snapshot to a file.

from datetime import datetime

file_name_suffix ="%Y%m%d_%H%M%S")
file_name = 'snapshot_{}.jpg'.format(file_name_suffix)
f = open(file_name, 'wb')

Additionally, you can set camera parameters easily as well, they’re all by name, and right on the connection object.


For Conservatives, Freedom Is Of Utmost Importance…At Least Until It Affects The Bottom Line

The biggest Internet names are talking about joining forces in an effort to raise awareness for SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. This is a measure your lawmakers are contemplating passing into law while you’re reading this. Supported primarily by large record labels, movie studios and conservatives in Washington, SOPA would essentially allow judges to arbitrarily order any website to block any content it chooses.

Sound scary? It is. Continue reading For Conservatives, Freedom Is Of Utmost Importance…At Least Until It Affects The Bottom Line

Beware of eBay’s Final Value Fee ‘Inconsistent Policies’

There is either a blatant inconsistency in eBay’s Final Value Fee policy or an intentional loophole for the online auction site to squeeze even more gratuitous fees out of its customers.

Last month I listed an item for sale on eBay, a buyer placed a bid on the item, after several days, the buyer never paid. The buyer also wasn’t responding to contacts or re-sent invoices so I used eBay’s support system to open a “case” associated directly with the item. Unpaid items are so common with the eBay experience there’s a ready-to-click Open “Unpaid item” Case button, how convenient. So, I opened one.

After several weeks of no response, from either eBay’s support team or the buyer, suddenly there was some action Continue reading Beware of eBay’s Final Value Fee ‘Inconsistent Policies’

“FEE”-bay Strikes Again! Sellers are livid at eBay’s new fee structure (UPDATED)

UPDATE – A poll taken on asking eBay auctioners if they’d move their auctions to a Google-run Auction site received renewed votes with overwhelming results…Take a look here!

eBay announced this morning changes to their fee structure that, after getting past the sugar coating, is just another fee increase for sellers, cutting even deeper into their profits.

The popular auction website has been known for some time now as being an ‘expensive place to sell your goods.’ Continue reading “FEE”-bay Strikes Again! Sellers are livid at eBay’s new fee structure (UPDATED)

Adobe Gets Aggressive…Passive Aggressive About Apple & Flash

Adobe has published a full page ad in the latest chapter in the ongoing Apple, Adobe, Flash saga. The ad’s headline reads “We Love Apple” with a giant heart representing the word “Love.”

The ad goes on to say what Adobe DOES NOT Love about Apple.

Now, I’m not going to write an extensive piece on Tech Titan Passive-aggressivism. This is simply meant to be an extension of the original article Apple, Adobe…The New Tech War?.

Many are trying to paint Apple as an evil corporate tech giant trying to control the world and its content. However, all of Apple’s developer tools for the devices in question (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) are free of charge. Anyone can develop HTML 5 (Apple’s replacement for Flash video on these devices) for free. No licensing, no paid developer tools, no plugins. Adobe is the one who loses money if Flash finally dies its overdue death. Adobe is the Desktop Publishing industry’s Microsoft.

I’ve downgraded my Adobe “rating” from “I like them” to “I accept them.”

Steve, thank you for protecting the integrity of your products and the unparalleled user experience of your products. Keep up the good work!