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Asterisk is the Digital PBX

VoIP has, thanks again to the Open Source community, become a technology we can all get our hands on.

I am, of course, talking about VoIP for business. No longer are we slaves to six-figure Cisco, Samsung, Panasonic "VoIP" offerings. I hesitate to even put most of them in a category of real VoIP because many of the Enterprise turn-key offerings have an analog backbone with digital plug-in cards. Now, for a mere $2-3,000 a small/medium business can have the same capabilities large corporations have been taking advantage of with VoIP or just traditional PBX technology.

Further, in many cases, the several thousand dollar system is superior and more scalable. Let alone, more cost effective. What am I talking about? If you don’t already know, the Open Source world was graced with a wonderful VoIP PBX called Asterisk some years ago now.

And, it is now what I refer to as "proven technology." I say this because not only have I successfully implemented several medium to large scale installations with little to no difficulty, but there are now thousands of businesses relying on Asterisk software and the Digium hardware that may be purchased for higher end applications (T1/E1, trunking, telco, etc).

To find out more about one of my favorite picks in the BEST OF category for any technology…Asterisk…visit Also, the Astricon Conference is coming to Phoenix, Arizona, my home town of nearly 20 years, hosting an all Asterisk VoIP convention.

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