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Leap of Faith

Property values dropping, inflation, our dollar increasingly less valuable and fuel costs rising. You know what’s happening all around you.  And unless you’re earning in the top 1%, you’re feeling it.  How much more can our great country withstand?  Rome finally did fall, but only when the Romans started believing that it never could.

Recently, I saw an interview with Barack Obama on a popular Cable News Network.  The interviewer confronted the Democratic Presidential candidate with a video clip of a Republican candidate (who has since dropped out of the race).  The Republican ex-candidate reiterated a concern that Obama’s experience in foreign affairs and government is limited.  He has no proven track record.  The former candidate continued with the assertion that the office of the President of the United States is not a an “Internship” position, and that voters should not elect someone that will be gaining their only experience while in office.

Let’s get something straight…as American voters, have we been looking at the candidates’ track records before we decide to back them?  Are we really looking at their histories?  Are we truly making our decisions on past performance and experience?

If we have been, then as a Human Resources department, attempting to qualify the best candidate for a high-level position, we should be fired! Our current, sitting President actually did have one of the most disappointing resumes compared to any of the candidates (Republican or Democrat) that he was running against.  Not so much a lack of experience but what truly is a succession of failed companies and leadership endeavors.  And this information was quite apparent long before half of us elected to hire him for the job.

Why didn’t we look so closely at this candidate’s experience here?  I’m not giving credence to the commentor’s political rhetoric, but the issue behind the remark is a legitimate one.

Surely, if we had based our votes on past performance there would have been no contest in 2000.  Why are were we so bad at hiring the right person for such an important position?  I think it’s simple…

Since the birth of Democracy, most of us have primarily chosen our leaders based on ideals we share with a candidate, not based on raw experience…let alone their overall intelligence or common sense. Religious beliefs and a no-nonsense outlook on world views are all good qualities from which to choose a leader. But aren’t intelligence, common-sense and ability to manage expectations also important for the world’s most powerful leader?

Our current President, although a ‘nice guy,’ just ran our country for nearly 8 years exactly the way his resume told us he would.  There are no surprises here.  At least, you certainly had the fore-knowledge.

So, I ask one thing of you this November:  Take a Leap of Faith.  Try not to be consumed by prejudices, fears, and labels and choose your next president on based on his ideals.  The same way you elected our current President except this time you’re going to READ HIS RESUME!  He may be on the other side of ‘your fence’ this time…but you may actually like what you see.