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Adobe Gets Aggressive…Passive Aggressive About Apple & Flash

Adobe has published a full page ad in the latest chapter in the ongoing Apple, Adobe, Flash saga. The ad’s headline reads “We Love Apple” with a giant heart representing the word “Love.”

The ad goes on to say what Adobe DOES NOT Love about Apple.

Now, I’m not going to write an extensive piece on Tech Titan Passive-aggressivism. This is simply meant to be an extension of the original article Apple, Adobe…The New Tech War?.

Many are trying to paint Apple as an evil corporate tech giant trying to control the world and its content. However, all of Apple’s developer tools for the devices in question (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) are free of charge. Anyone can develop HTML 5 (Apple’s replacement for Flash video on these devices) for free. No licensing, no paid developer tools, no plugins. Adobe is the one who loses money if Flash finally dies its overdue death. Adobe is the Desktop Publishing industry’s Microsoft.

I’ve downgraded my Adobe “rating” from “I like them” to “I accept them.”

Steve, thank you for protecting the integrity of your products and the unparalleled user experience of your products. Keep up the good work!

Apple, Adobe…The New Tech War?

Since the release of Apple’s iPad, and with it Apple’s ongoing commitment to HTML5 and open standards for video,there have been tech industry pot shots going back and forth between Adobe and Apple virtually everyday about Apple’s decision to discontinue support for Adobe’s Flash technology. Now, with an open letter written by Steve Jobs made public the other day, it seems these pot shots have now become all out war. Continue reading Apple, Adobe…The New Tech War?