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Do Sour Grapes Make For A Bad Apple?

When will the analysts get it?  How many straight quarters does Apple (AAPL) have to outperform the market?  How many years of consistency will it take before analysts give Apple a fair shake?  After not only surviving this recession Apple has again in it’s Q2 Earnings Report released today shown it has what it takes to be a strong, short-term as well as long-term investment.  Or is it something else?  Is there some other reason analysts are reactive and not proactively confident about Continue reading Do Sour Grapes Make For A Bad Apple?

Going for the kill

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, raised further concerns about his health after releasing a statement yesterday that seemed to back-peddle over his previous statement that portrayed his health problems as maybe being not so bad. After this new announcement, with what seems like a contradiction shareholders want an explanation, some alleging serious legal infringement. Do they want Apple’s CEO to pronounce his own death sentence before even his doctors are able to?
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