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Apple Has Crossed The Line

Apple’s release of Mountain Lion this week was exciting. Up until I found out my perfectly capable, late 2006, 64-bit, MacBook Pro upgraded to 4GB RAM, and a 500GB Hard Drive was intentionally blocked from running Mac OS X version 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion).

I’m quite sure I don’t have another $2000 to replace a laptop that actually is still running fast and working perfectly. One of my favorite ‘evangelistic’ selling points to non-Mac potential converts is that I had a 6 year old MacBook Pro working perfectly and running the latest software.

For no real technical reason, I can’t say that anymore. I don’t like Windows, and at some point I will need a new computer. But I don’t want to buy Apple anymore. Since 1989, when I used the my first Mac, this is the first time my heart was broken by Apple. Now what do I do?

Until they rethink this…I say BOYCOTT APPLE!

How Apple’s Success Could Last Longer Without Jobs…But Probably Won’t

It’s no secret that Wall Street questions the longevity of Apple’s long-term, material success since the passing of its founder, and later, savior Steve Jobs. Now, there’s reason to be concerned with it’s mid-term and possibly even short-term market viability.

From a products and consumer perspective, Apple may always have a loyal following. Though, from a management perspective, the specter of Ivy League, Corporate pin-headed decision making haunts Apple, yet again.

On March 19, 2012, Apple announced that it would pay a dividend to shareholders. Now, over 2 months later, while the rest of the market is doing alright, Apple is down over 10% and can’t seem to hold it up.

Tim Cook, Apple’s hand-picked successor to Steve Jobs, seems to be a nice guy, respected and intelligent. It was well-known to industry insiders that there were certain shareholder-related decisions that the board may have been in favor of that Jobs clearly was not. One of which, the decision to pay a dividend on shares, was a well-known difference of opinion. Apple’s near $100 billion dollar cash stockpile has become a topic of discussion, and a dividend offering is a way a cash-heavy company can re-invest to shore up its own share price.

So what went wrong? Apple’s share price doesn’t need any ‘shoring up.’ It was already strong, on fundamentals. The future (at least the near future) looks bright, market share, brand loyalty, etc etc.

So, it seems that the corporate pinheads couldn’t wait long after Jobs’ death to resume corporate short-sighted decision making. And their very first act of defiance has already cost shareholders over 10%. What’s next? Discontinue the iPad? Base the iPhone on Android? Sell out to Microsoft? Whatever shareholders think is right…right?

In October of 2011, the world didn’t just lose a visionary, Steve Jobs didn’t just die, but the promise of Apple may have died with him. I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

By the way, thank you Mr. Cook for forfeiting your $75 million dividend last week. I may have taken it, then donated it to small businesses. So I say “Down With Overpaid Corporate Pinheads.”

Apple tanks 5% after highest earning quarter in their history…why?

This week Apple announced their highest quarterly earnings in the history of the company. Sounds like a typical Apple success update doesn’t it? The stock probably went up, yet again, right? Actually, no, it didn’t. And for the most ridiculous reason Continue reading Apple tanks 5% after highest earning quarter in their history…why?

Trouble with Midnight iPhone 4S Pre-orders

Early early early birds waiting patiently for the 12am start of iPhone 4S pre-orders were faced with a rather frustrating pre-order process using Apple’s web site or the iOS “Apple Store” app. First, the “Come Back Soon” message, which is customary just before the midnight timeline, stuck around quite a bit past midnight. About 45 minutes past. Then rumors on various Mac blogger sites started to come in that pre-orders from the Verizon web site were working since BEFORE midnight. Frustrating the rest of us trying to access through AT&T, Apple or Sprint’s web sites Continue reading Trouble with Midnight iPhone 4S Pre-orders