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GOP Punishing Americans (Update)

John BoehnerUPDATE 12/22/2011 – It was announced that John Boehner, House GOP leader and stubborn bonehead, has finally relented his weak and desperate position on the the payroll tax cut. It looks like, at least for a couple months, 160 million Americans will get to keep the 4.2% payroll tax rate. Score 1 for Obama and the 99%.

ORIGINAL STORY – John Boehner and the rest of the GOP left to take their holiday vacation time, but not before denying the rest of America the payroll tax cut extension. Continue reading GOP Punishing Americans (Update)

Being Poor is Getting Expensive…and it’s Your Fault

Unfortunately, the American people are only just now realizing the mess their short-sightedness has made. Losing patience last year with President Obama then electing the loud-mouth, broken record, pseudo-Tea Party Republican Congress we have in place now, in hindsight, seems to have been a huge mistake.

Now what do we do?

The Republican majority Congress has dug their heels in pretty deep on keeping the ultra rich and multi-billion dollar corporations their Bush-era tax breaks and loopholes.

Where’s my “tax loophole” for being poor? As a small business owner why do I pay tax just for being self-employed? (that’s compounded with regular income tax?) Shouldn’t large corporations pay more taxes instead of breaking the backs of the self-employed, small business owner? We goofed. We voted as if we were rich, because we wanted to be. Protect the rich because I might be one someday…right?

So, what to do? Contact your Congressman. Pressure your Congressman. Here’s a link to get you started…and yes…it matters.  Click this link to Contact your Congressman.