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GOP Punishing Americans (Update)

John BoehnerUPDATE 12/22/2011 – It was announced that John Boehner, House GOP leader and stubborn bonehead, has finally relented his weak and desperate position on the the payroll tax cut. It looks like, at least for a couple months, 160 million Americans will get to keep the 4.2% payroll tax rate. Score 1 for Obama and the 99%.

ORIGINAL STORY – John Boehner and the rest of the GOP left to take their holiday vacation time, but not before denying the rest of America the payroll tax cut extension. Continue reading GOP Punishing Americans (Update)

No GOP Support on Stimulus Guarantees Economic Recovery

Considering the GOP and their corporate tax breaks, short-sighted policies of greed and gross, multi-pronged mismanagement of the economy.  And!  That it was their administration directly responsible for the financial meltdown we are all now drowning in…

I would say it’s a blessing and a sign that we are doing the right thing that these very people are almost entirely against the new economic stimulus package!  Doesn’t that, by definition, mean it will work!? Continue reading No GOP Support on Stimulus Guarantees Economic Recovery