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Paramount to failure

Here we go again…another mis-informed industry giant making a mistake that will save them cash in the short term and cost ALL OF US money today. Paramount’s decision recently to drop support of the Blu-ray High-def format is one of the most backward business decisions I have seen in recent years.

I will not be buying any HD DVDs. Blu-ray is clearly superior technology. More studios back it (still) than HD DVD and counting Playstation 3’s there are more Blu-ray players by multitudes in American homes than there are HD DVD players.

Retailers count two-for-one sales figures of Blu-ray over HD DVD content purchases. Target stores announced they will only carry Blu-ray High-def products. Blockbuster video announced they will only carry Blu-ray High-def movies for rent.

Surely, this is a short-sighted move. It costs a bit more to produce a Blu-ray disc. And the players are a bit more expensive. Sounds like the big guy saves a buck at the expense of the consumer…sound familiar?

Have we not learned from betamax? Sorry, I am not ‘buying’ into this one. And I will not cave into owning both platforms, only so one can die out. Anyone reading this article should do the same. When will the consumer stand up, and show who knows better?

I am one of those PS3/Blu-ray owners. HD DVD proponents did their own research to find that most people who bought into high-def for video gaming were less likely to buy movies, than people who bought stand-alone players. Really???

Well, I own 6 Blu-ray movies and 1 PS3 game. I can’t be that rare a breed can I?

Well, Paramount, one giant leap backward for mankind…thank you. I really wanted to own Transformers when it came available…too bad for me and too bad for Paramount…lost sales for them, lost entertainment for me. Bummer.

C’mon everyone, let’s show them which platform is superior…don’t listen to me…do your own real research…once informed, you’ll know what to do.

Low Definition Reporting

When an AP reporter writes an article on consumers being forced to choose “HD DVD or Blu-ray”, which on the surface is poignant and interesting, then you read it and find unadulterated bias injected into every sentence, your balanced, informative article ends up oozing personal opinions instead of facts. My article here is an opinion piece, yours is supposed to be an unbiased, informed newsworthy article. After-all, isn’t that the “product” your organization sells?

Bear with me…your article starts by saying there are many more stand-alone HD DVD players out there. You continue by saying “big names like Toshiba and Microsoft” are behind it. You never make a comparative Blu-ray statement, like “however, more big industry names support Blu-ray and with all the PS3’s out there, there are more players in total” G*d-forbid that may slant too many opinions toward buying Blu-ray…THAT’S WHAT ACCURATE INFORMATION SHOULD DO FOR US, MAKE US WELL INFORMED!!!

And that is not expressing your opinion…that is communicating the facts, again the type of article you are supposed to be writing for AP.

Sorry, but the truth is, the reality is…that the market is leaning way toward one technology than the other. That’s not my opinion…that’s measurable fact!

So why is that so bad? Did M*cros*ft or T*sh*ba get to you? Are they big clients of AP that you don’t want to scare away with accurate reporting that happens to shed a slightly negative light on them?

It’s so blaringly obvious, you can’t help but be suspicious of motive.

Why not come out and say Blu-ray is winning on all fronts in the format war? Again, that’s a measurable fact, not your or my opinions…

–Technology company support, WINNING
–Major Movie Studio support, WINNING
–Market share of players (whether in a game console or not), WINNING
–Movie sales, WINNING (as you stated 2-to-1 over HD DVD).

You even took the time to quote Universal’s exec (the only studio to only support the currently losing format). The quote was about this not being about winning or losing. Isn’t that what finding the best “STANDARD” is about? The one the consumers choose? The winner?

Hmm…sounds like denial to me.

You didn’t even cover technical comparison…Shouldn’t your unbiased article inform us which has more capacity? It is a storage medium you’re reporting on…Or is that also stating opinion?

Blu-ray discs currently store more than HD-DVD, and the theoretical future capacity of Blu-ray also can store much more than future potential of HD-DVD.

Is there really a format war? If there is, I believe you are “the shot heard round the world.”

Or do the big manufacturers make more money while we fumble around buying worthless technology over and over?

We all ended up getting screwed with VHS quality nearly 30 years ago when we all should have been viewing the superior betamax all these years. Due to biased, inaccurate reporting like yours, we ended up with the lesser technology.

Please help us kind sir, just come out and say, in every way Blu-ray is superior, from technical capability to current sales figures to overall market share.

Give me blu-ray or give me death!

Don’t worry dude, that big “window” company isn’t going to kill you if you report the truth. They’ll just send their money to your competitor. Oh, I guess that is bad isn’t it. Sounds like it actually doesn’t pay to tell the truth for some people.