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HP Touchpad for $99!

As recently as last night (Saturday night) I have actually seen those ‘Glee’ commercials for the HP Touchpad. You’d think they could pull these since the product has been discontinued. Then, we see a $99 blowout of the price, but the only confirmed reports I could find for these prices were in Canada. The US, UK and EU hadn’t had these clearance prices yet. (If you have a confirmed $99 purchase in the US please post in the comments!)

After doing some of my own “Googling” in my area, it showed all of the Office Depot locations having this product for $130. So we made an effort to get up early this Sunday morning (9am is early for us on a Sunday) and try to get our own blowout HP Touchpad. Unfortunately, they were sold out. A drive by the nearby Staples confirmed the same thing.

Oh well. Regardless of the phantom $99 Touchpads, we were able to use a demo unit at Office Depot (which they said they weren’t selling because they weren’t “full, normal Touchpads.”) After tapping around, holding it, etc, I can confirm, this thing is slow, bulky and heavier than our iPad 2.

The reason we wanted one is that I am a developer and there’s rumor that Android will be ported to the Touchpad. I figured, for $99, it was worth it.

I guess we have to wait until the next ‘iPad killer’ arrives, or buy one of the many HP Touchpads on eBay for under $250.


Apple’s Free Engraving…Good for Business…Bad for You?

Apple has long been known as a ‘premium products for a premium price’ electronics maker. Along with others such as Bose, Lutron, and more, the quality and customer satisfaction for all of these brands is well established. Another quality these labels share is they are not known for exceptional giveaways, deep discounts or super savings package deals.

So, that being said, why does Apple give “Free Engraving” with the purchase of iPods and now their famed tablet, the iPad? Continue reading Apple’s Free Engraving…Good for Business…Bad for You?

Adobe Gets Aggressive…Passive Aggressive About Apple & Flash

Adobe has published a full page ad in the latest chapter in the ongoing Apple, Adobe, Flash saga. The ad’s headline reads “We Love Apple” with a giant heart representing the word “Love.”

The ad goes on to say what Adobe DOES NOT Love about Apple.

Now, I’m not going to write an extensive piece on Tech Titan Passive-aggressivism. This is simply meant to be an extension of the original article Apple, Adobe…The New Tech War?.

Many are trying to paint Apple as an evil corporate tech giant trying to control the world and its content. However, all of Apple’s developer tools for the devices in question (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) are free of charge. Anyone can develop HTML 5 (Apple’s replacement for Flash video on these devices) for free. No licensing, no paid developer tools, no plugins. Adobe is the one who loses money if Flash finally dies its overdue death. Adobe is the Desktop Publishing industry’s Microsoft.

I’ve downgraded my Adobe “rating” from “I like them” to “I accept them.”

Steve, thank you for protecting the integrity of your products and the unparalleled user experience of your products. Keep up the good work!