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Apple iPhone 4 cases shipping…early!

During Apple’s press conference on July 16th about the iPhone 4’s exposed antenna weakness, Steve Jobs offered all iPhone 4 customers a free case to remedy the problem. During the conference he expressed that there would be a way to place orders for the case “by the end of next week.” Which was last Friday. I received an email requesting that I download the iPhone 4 case app to place my order… Continue reading Apple iPhone 4 cases shipping…early!

Apple iPhone 4 Conference

Apple held their long anticipated (2 days) iPhone 4 “antenna problem” conference just moments ago. Opening the conference with a video poking fun at the media for over-hyping the whole thing to begin with. Wait, the media over-hyping something!? NOOOooooo!!! As Steve Jobs emerges to present this morning, he indicates that this will be a brief 15 minute announcement.

With a history of world class customer service, and Continue reading Apple iPhone 4 Conference