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Do Attack Ad Falsehoods Cross Party Lines?

With the Republican Primaries heating up and the Super PACs running attack campaigns at full throttle, it’s no surprise that accusations of inaccuracies and even out right lies are being pronounced at campaign stops and even during the live, televised debates.

Last night, during the Fox news hosted Republican primary debates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich accused each other’s Super PACs of blatant lies in their attack ads. While campaign finance laws make it illegal for a candidate to have any influence over the Super PACs and where they spend their money, each candidate did agree that it should be known that BOTH of the attack campaigns by each of their supporting Super PACs are stating wholly inaccurate falsehoods (a.k.a. LIES) about the other candidates.
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Meg Whitman is a Joke…But Nobody’s Laughing

Meg Whitman is currently running for office of Governor of the State of California. Unfortunately, she’s not only exaggerating to gain favor-ability but she’s now been found, on numerous counts, of outright lying. See this site for a handful of examples.

One of her other commercials is about her tenure at eBay. One of the many re-framed “achievements” was being a hero to small businesses because eBay allows small businesses to operate a “store” through eBay. Unfortunately, she fails to mention that she raised eBay’s fees on those small businesses SIX times…during a bad economy!

Meg Whitman is yet another ultra-conservative that sacrifices the middle class for her own gain. Meg Whitman is dangerous. Meg Whitman is a guaranteed failure. Meg Whitman’s own Republican party questions her viability. See this link.

Please don’t pass on your opinions, pass on FACTS to your friends, families and co-workers. Meg Whitman commercials plaster the media simply because once she was ousted from eBay she was able to walk away with $125 million dollars that she now uses to advertise her lies to the unsuspecting population of California.

Don’t take my word for it. Or hers. I ask you simply to check the facts, then pass on what you learn to everyone who needs to know.