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Willful Ignorance

In Florida this week, Obama, referring to the John McCain’s views on the economy said, “Instead of common sense solutions, month after month, they’ve offered little more than willful ignorance, wishful thinking, and outdated ideology.” I want to focus on Obama’s mention of ‘willful ignorance’ because I believe that is more of a universal theme and is at the core of most of the issues we are facing today.

Willful ignorance has lead us to times of war, economic failure, and Continue reading Willful Ignorance

McCain thinks the war can be won by 2013?

So the U.S. Government actually has the technology now to know precisely when, in the future, a major Middle Eastern cultural paradigm will shift? Amazing!  I should file this article under “Technology” instead of “Politics”. I’m so excited to hear this now since this political party has been proven to be so right about so many things resulting in the virtually unstoppable upward momentum our country has achieved in the last nearly 8 years.

Ok. Done with the sarcasm. Only one point here:  Where the hell does he get off saying such a thing? Doesn’t making such a prematurely certain statement of assured success guarantee us failure? Has everyone forgotten “Mission Accomplished” already?

I don’t want to do another 4 years of this.  How about you?