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Over 3,000 Murdered by Bin Laden were found to be Unarmed

Something is seriously wrong with the media when it is trying to make an issue out of the fact that Bin Laden was unarmed when American Navy Seals shot him in the head on Sunday. The headline for this article is what they should be reporting. What about the 3,000 unarmed Americans he killed? Continue reading Over 3,000 Murdered by Bin Laden were found to be Unarmed

The Only Problem with the Media

Big headline! “Tropical Depression Races Toward BP’s Leaky Well.” How does the reporter that wrote that article know this? Are they a meteorologist? Do they have some weather prediction skills the rest of us don’t know about? No and no. Actually, after I read that one and researched a couple other sources meteorologists don’t quite know yet if it’s headed in that direction. The author wasn’t predicting the weather, they were attracting eyeballs to their article. Why? I think a couple of reasons, not the least of which is because they value their job. Continue reading The Only Problem with the Media

CNN Is Worthless

Here’s what’s going on in the country and the world: (And I’m not even covering half of it)

We have wildfires, unemployment, healthcare, recession, earthquake in indonesia, civil wars in Africa, protesting in PA, Iran, 2 wars in the Middle East , N. Korea, China, global warming, rising violent crime rates, swine flu, military contractor corruption…shall I continue?

So, with all of this REAL news going on in the world what does CNN show last night? For hours instead? Maybe I missed a larger news issue? What is this happening that would cause replays for hours over and over? Did terrorists attack somewhere again? Continue reading CNN Is Worthless

Bikini-clad Baristas Brewing more than Beverages

I believe as a culture, we Americans have one thing backwards…sex or violence…which is worse?

It looks like Washington state has bikini wearing baristas at a few of the local cafes.  And it’s causing all kinds of raucous.  So what’s the big deal?  Go to the beach, and see the same thing, right?

I’m watching a video clip about this story.  And a woman complains about pulling up to a drive-thru with her kids (at one of these coffee places) and the next thing she hears is “mommy, look there’s a naked lady” (or something to that effect) from the back seat.  She looked up to see the barista wearing pasties on top and nothing else (she had bottoms on).  Of course as moral, conservative, decent Americans we are shocked!  The mother continued to explain how wrong it was that her child was subjected to this and that she should have been warned by some kind of signage or “Adults Only” warning.

Adults Only?  As in, inappropriate for young viewers?  Meanwhile, most American parents (and possibly that same woman) will go home tonight, sit in front of the television and watch whatever violent crime drama is on with their children sitting nearby, most-likely watching as well.  Someone getting stabbed, shot or raped most likely opens the show.

Now this is what I think is backward…  Is it more inappropriate for a child to see something completely natural (a woman’s breast), created by God and part of the human body?  Or is it more inappropriate for a child to see one human being committing violent crimes against another?  Blood and guts are ok, but a nipple is the end of the world.  Now I’ve seen some sexy nipples in my day, but nothing that I think would disturb a normal child, raised with decency, respect and family values.

Europeans figured at least this ONE THING out a long time ago.  And it’s our society that has a higher instance of violent crimes (including sex crimes).

Maybe it’s time to call up webster and change the American moral definition of the word “Inappropriate.”