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Prometheus…Visually Stunning…Storyline, Not So Much

Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors, and I was truly excited to see his latest space thriller, “Prometheus.” As usual, Scott never ceases to wow the audience with visuals and suspense. However that’s about all there was to appreciate, aside from a story that started out interesting and ended up…well, it just ended up.

When Scott’s now classic space-horror, “Alien,” was released in 1979 it was an original. Movie-goers had never seen such a spectacle on the screen. The story didn’t need to have depth as the rest of the thrills were enough to carry the film and leave viewers stunned.

In the days of Avatar, Gladiator and even Jurassic Park, however, the audience has ‘seen-it-all’ and viewers demand more depth to the story. It seems that once the horror aspect of the film began, the story ended. Special effects are great, but they’re common enough that the story needs to be satisfying. Visual effects are to support the story, not to be the story.

Without giving anything away, I can only call this film a modern-day “Alien Redux.” I also saw “Prometheus” in 3D, and the visuals were all the better for it. Unfortunately, the 3rd dimension wasn’t enough to justify the relatively empty storyline.

Paranormal In-Activity

Wow…wow…wow…as highly recommended as this was, by viewers as well as critics…when the credits rolled on this one, many in our packed theater audience actually did gasp at this horror film, but not in terror, more in surprise, like “is that it?”

Maybe Hollywood is getting too excited about saving money and cutting corners by spending $15,000 on a movie and trying to turn it into $100 million in profits. This has happened in the past, but I wouldn’t think of this as a common, typical formula for success.

Another great movie “could have been” for the record books, this one had some freaky moments, and definitely was going down the right path, only to stretch out most of the nearly 100 minutes as “filler” minutes rather than scary moments.

In summary, I’d say there was enough quality content for the first HALF of a really great supernatural horror flick. So, where’s the 50% refund for half of my $11.50 ticket price? And I must say, we weren’t the only ones wishing for some cash back on this over-hyped rip-off.

Stay home, see something else, don’t even rent it.