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LG OLED firmware 05.30.25

Out of nowhere, I turned on my 65″ LG  OLED65E6P and had a message waiting for me. As I do not have automatic updates turned on, it let me know there was a software update for the TV waiting. It doesn’t say much else, not even a version. So, with full faith, I told it to update.

After about 10 minutes, the update was complete and now, after a quick restart, the version shows as 05.30.25 (the previous version 05.30.02).

After spending some time searching online, I could not find a single mention of this new version of the firmware or what it does, even on LG’s site. So, either someone hacked my TV and I just unwittngly installed a Russian version of Nielsen ratings firmware that happens to report directly to Vladimir’s US analytics dashboard…Or, more likely, I am one of the first to have done the update and talk about this online so soon.

LG OLD OLED65E6P Firmware Update 05.30.25Over the past 18 months there has been extensive talk about LG not allowing Dolby Vision, 4K at 60 fps (primarily for gamers). I would love to find out this is part of the update for my ultra high-end 2016 model 4K OLED TV.

Additionally, I just saw a YouTube video of someone testing multiple LG OLED displays for different burn-in patterns and this person has been communicating with LG, not that I would expect a firmware update that fast, he just reported results very recently.

Anyway, if there’s anybody within the sound of my blog that knows what this update contains I would love to know!

Finally, The Ideal Tablet PC…or Mac?

For some number of years now one PC maker or another has made an attempt, if not many attempts, at developing what they believed was the ‘ideal’ tablet PC.  Usually smaller than a notebook computer, a little slimmer and lighter, most incorporating some type of touch sensitive display and utilizing a stylus or pen for input.

More creative tablet PC’s were simply sub-notebooks with a flip-around screen that would fold over the keyboard and lay flat.  Still they were bulky, lacked in power and features and the displays and battery life left much to be desired.  Ultimately these were impractical, over-priced gadgets at best.

Recently, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, there was much speculation that Apple has been working on, and would possibly announce a new tablet computing product.  Since then, the conference and the much hyped keynote address have come and gone.  We saw a new iPhone 3GS announced, the release of the new iPhone OS 3.0 and more details on the upcoming Snow Leopard Mac OS release.  Unfortunately, still no tablet from Apple.

Why bother with engineering ‘yet another tablet PC?’

Because most of the reasons tablet PCs were impractical in the past, most of the technical challenges that were unaddressable before can now be overcome… Continue reading Finally, The Ideal Tablet PC…or Mac?